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1. the quality of forming a unified whole.


Coherence Counselling

At Coherence Counselling, our goal is to help people who are feeling overwhelmed and stuck to begin the journey toward feeling greater capacity, peace, and aliveness again.  Whether you are a couple struggling to adjust to life with an infant, a survivor of a traumatic event, or a parent with postpartum depression and anxiety, counselling can help. 

You don't have to do this alone.

Coherence Counselling is based in the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island, and serves people from across BC through telehealth and video counselling.

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Trauma leaves us fragmented and stuck in survival mode.  For some, that means feeling irritable all the time, or escalating from calm to rage in two seconds flat.  For some, it means constantly feeling anxious or worried, like there's always some unknown danger lurking over your shoulder.  For others, it means feeling numb.  The good news is, you don't have to stay stuck in these debilitating symptoms forever.  Trauma therapy can help.

The perinatal period (starting with planning to have a baby and continuing through pregnancy, birth, and the first three years postpartum) can be both richly rewarding and incredibly difficult.  If you're experiencing mental health challenges due to pregnancy loss, infertility, prenatal or postpartum trauma/depression/anxiety, or difficulty adjusting to life as a parent, perinatal counselling can help. 

If your relationship has been negatively impacted by the transition to parenthood, trauma, or attachment wounds from childhood or previous relationships, couples therapy can help.

All genders, sexual & romantic orientations, and relationship styles are welcome here.

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